Esthetic Crown Lengthening are tooth-shaped caps that fit over a natural tooth for aesthetic or structural reasons.

What is a crown lengthening procedure?

Experience Esthetic Crown Lengthening with precision and care at our practice. This surgical procedure, expertly performed by our dental surgeon, Dr. Natalia Gil, involves recontouring gum tissue and, when required, bone, to reveal more of the tooth's surface. Beyond enhancing gum health, this procedure is ideal for preparing the mouth for restorative or cosmetic treatments. Dr. Gil's skillful approach ensures a seamless application of dental crowns, achieving both optimal aesthetics and oral well-being.

The purpose of a crown lengthening procedure

This procedure involves delicately reducing gum tissue and, if required, refining the bone to reveal more of the tooth above the gum's surface. Crown lengthening is an excellent option for those looking to address a "gummy smile," where the visibility of gums above the teeth during a smile is a concern. Trust us to deliver precision and aesthetic balance for your confident and radiant smile.

Our dental surgeon, Dr. Natalia Gil, can perform crown lengthening by recontouring gum tissue, and sometimes bone, to expose more of a tooth’s surface for a crown.

The recovery process

Recovery time for this procedure is approximately three months. While your gums are healing, you can resume normal daily functions, with the only exception being strenuous activities during the initial two to three days. It's advisable to refrain from engaging in physically demanding tasks, heavy lifting, or intense exertion during this brief period to promote optimal healing and minimize the risk of increased bleeding.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier, beautiful smile

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