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Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are essential to maintaining the bite surface of your teeth. When tooth decay or damage becomes extensive, it can have an effect on a patient’s oral health, daily comfort and the appearance of the teeth. While good oral hygiene habits go a long way toward protecting the teeth, factors such as trauma, genetics or other health conditions can lead to dental problems. When these issues occur, it is important to receive comprehensive dental treatment to preserve the health and beauty of the smile. At Durán & Martínez Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry, Dr. Ramon Durán is proud to offer restorative dentistry treatments, including dental crowns, which can restore function and appearance. Learn more about dental crowns below and contact the practice at 844 208-0372 today to schedule a consultation.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are ceramic or metal/ceramic dental restorations that are used to restore the function and appearance of a tooth that has been affected by trauma or decay. Unlike porcelain veneers, which are placed over the front of the teeth, dental crowns encase the entire tooth, protecting it from further decay or damage. At Durán & Martínez Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry, we use only the highest-quality dental crowns for our patients. We work closely with two of the area’s top dental laboratories to ensure that all dental crowns are durable, natural-looking and made from the finest materials. Dental crowns can be placed on one or several teeth.

Oftentimes, Dental Crowns are part of full mouth reconstruction procedures

Dental Crowns can be used to:

  • Attach dental bridges
  • Cover dental implants
  • Cover a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Restore the appearance of the tooth after extensive decay or dental work
  • Cover a compromised dental filling

Who is a Candidate for Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are most often used for patients who are undergoing restorative dentistry treatments and wish to restore the function and look of their teeth. Dental crowns may also be used in some cases to address teeth that are misshapen or ill-proportioned. It is important that any pre-existing dental conditions be diagnosed and treated prior to the placement of dental crowns. This will preserve the results of the procedure as well as the patient’s long-term oral health. Patients who grind their teeth should wear a mouth guard or pursue other dental treatment to handle that issue, as teeth grinding can hinder the long-term results of dental crowns treatment.

Dr. Durán evaluates each patient’s candidacy for dental crowns during a consultation. This includes a thorough pre-treatment consultation during which he evaluates the patient’s overall oral health to determine which treatment will work best. During this time patients are encouraged to ask questions about treatment so that they feel comfortable every step of the way.

The Procedure

The placement of dental crowns typically requires two visits to Dr. Durán’s Puerto Rico dental practice. During the first appointment, Dr. Durán or another of our qualified doctors preps the tooth for the placement of the crown. This includes removing any existing decay, as well as some tooth structure to make room for the crown. After this is complete, a molding is created to be sent to a dental lab, where the customized dental crowns are created. A temporary crown is placed over the affected area during the first appointment, and remains there until the permanent crowns are ready to be placed. After the dental crowns have been sent back to Dr. Durán’s office, the patient can schedule a second appointment. During the second part of the procedure, the porcelain crowns are cemented in place. Dr. Durán may make adjustments to the shape or shade of the crown in order to create a beautiful, natural-looking appearance.

San Juan dental crowns patients may experience some minor discomfort in the hours after the procedure; this subsides on its own. It is important for patients to maintain good oral hygiene habits after dental crowns are placed. This will preserve the appearance of the teeth as well as the patient’s overall oral health. Dr. Durán is dedicated to the long-term health of his patients, and therefore provides a comprehensive hygiene program and thorough post-procedure care to help patients maintain their healthy, beautiful smiles. When cared for properly, dental crowns usually last about 10 years.

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